Guy Flat Truck (Dinky Supertoys 512)

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Guy Flat Truck (Dinky Supertoys 512)

Guy Flat Truck, Dinky Toys 432 (DinkyCat 1956-06).jpg Dinky Toys 432 Guy Flat Truck (i)
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Arch Two , Area 21
Classic Dinky Toys (John Durrant Collection)
Shelf 10
1947 - 1948

A brown Guy Flat Truck with brown wheel-hubs, Dinky Toys 512 (/912 / 432), with its original red-and-white-stickered box.

This model was produced between 1947 and 1948.

Dinky also produced other variations on the truck, the closest being "Guy Flat Truck with Tailboard", which was essentially the same truck with a hinged drop-down backboard.

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