Gardner's MG Record Car (Dinky Toys 23p)

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Gardner's MG Record Car (Dinky Toys 23p)

Dinky No.23p, Gardner's MG Record Car
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Arch Two , Area 21
Classic Dinky Toys (John Durrant Collection)
Shelf 7
1946 - 1947

A racing green model of Gardner's MG Record Car, Dinky Toys 23p, with a smooth, wide aerodynamc body with slight raised humps over the four wheels, and a small cockpit window.

The car is marked with the octagonal MG logo on the front, and Union Jacks on the sides.

Made in England between 1946-47.

Dinky Toys 23p, box lid

The original car

The real car was originally bought as an MG Magnette racer (which Dinky also modelled ,as 23a) by one Major A.T.G. ("Goldie") Gardner, who had the original narrow "canoe-style" bodywork stripped and replaced with a wider bodywork shroud that enveloped the wheels.

Meccano Magazine advert, 1939

" A scale model of the car in which Major A..G. Gardner set up new world speed records for cars up to 1,100 c.c. on the Bittersfield-Dessau Autobahn, Germany, in May, 1939. His speed for the flying kilometre was 203.7 mph, and for the flying mile, 203.2 mph.
After having the engine rebored, Major Gardner set up new records for cars up to 1,500cc over the flying kilometre, mile and five kilometres, with speeds of 204.2 m.p.h, 203.8 m.p.h. and 200.6 m.p.h. respectively.
Price 10d. each "

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