Army Cooperation Autogiro (Dinky Toys 66f)

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Army Cooperation Autogiro (Dinky Toys 66f)

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Arch Two , Area 22
The Hatley Early Dinky Collection (display)

1940 - 1941

A dull grey Cierva Autogiro made by Meccano Ltd. between 1940 and 1941, as Dinky Toys model 66f, and listed as "Army Cooperation Autogiro".

Apart from the colour scheme, the model is identical to the model 60f Cierva Autogiro.

Colour scheme

The model has a grey body and a red propellor, silver rotor blades, and red white and blue RAF roundels on each side.


The model is part of Dinky Toys Set 66 (Camouflaged Aeroplane Set), which was produced from 1940 to 1941.