Forward Control Lorry (Dinky Toys 25r)

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Forward Control Lorry (Dinky Toys 25r)

Leyland Forward Control Lorry, Dinky Toys 420 (DinkyCat 1956-06).jpg 1956 version, Leyland Forward Control Lorry, Dinky Toys 420 (i)
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Arch Two , Area 21
Classic Dinky Toys (John Durrant Collection)
Shelf 3
1948 - 1954

This cream forward control lorry with cream hubs was loosely based on Leyland designs, although the name only changed to acknowledge that six years into its run.

Cream lorries were one of the many colour variations available as the 25r during its run from 1948-54. Its successor, the renumbered 420 Leyland Forward Control Lorry, only came in red, blue and green until its 1961 discontinuation.

1957: Leyland forward Control Lorry, Dinky Toys 420


Leyland began as Lancashire Steam Motors in 1896, producing steam-powered vans, buses and even lawnmowers. By 1907, after having dealt petrol-engine vehicles for some time, the company name changed to Leyland Motors Limited. Until Rover Cars were added to the company in 1967, the company continued to primarily focus on the lorry and bus market.

A 1968 merger resulted in the formation of The British Leyland Motor Corporation. By 1974, the new company was experiencing severe financial difficulties, leading to the Ryder Report effectually nationalising and restructuring the company in 1975. A comparatively unsuccessful car division inhibited the development of the more profitable bus and lorry division, so they received greater autonomy, and soon after became independent divisions.

Splitting in 1981, the bus division was sold to Volvo in 1988, and was discontinued by 1991. Leyland trucks, however, was salvaged from the bankruptcy of its then parent company DAF, and currently exists as part of American truck company PACCAR.

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