Ford Fordor (Dinky Toys 139a)

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Ford Fordor (Dinky Toys 139a)

180px The later two-tone version of the Ford Fordor Sedan, Dinky Toys 139a (i)
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Model 139a
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Arch Two , Area 21
Classic Dinky Toys (John Durrant Collection)
Shelf 5

1949 - 1954

A green Ford Fordor sedan (Dinky Toys 139a) with a noticeably narrow front window and green wheel hubs. This was an early single-tone iteration of the model produced from 1949-54; after being renumbered in 1954 (to No.170) it was changed to a two-tone version.

This is a four door American 1949 Ford Sedan, one of the first postwar American vehicles released by Dinky.

1949 Ford

The 1949 Ford, the delayed successor to the wartime 1941 Ford, has been widely credited for arresting the company’s decreasing success stemming from internal conflict between Henry Ford and his son Edsel which led to deteriorating organisation within Ford. Henry Ford II, elected president of the company in 1945, was responsible for a major internal restructuring effort intended to fix these problems.

Completely redesigned, the car also repositioning the engine to include more passenger space, only the popular flathead V8 and the L head straight 6 engines remained from the previous 1941 model , rated at a higher horsepower. The car featured various other modernisations on its predecessor, the most prominent change being the vastly shrunken front fenders and the completely integrated rear ones, making this car widely regarded as a recognisably modern production from Ford.

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