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2020 Exhibits and upgrades 2022

  • Primus Engineering, Railway Carriage and Station House
  • Triang Dollhouse number 77, with lighting and Barton furniture.
  • IT refit, with all-new new computers for staff and volunteers
  • Mettoy metal dollhouse, with lighting and original furniture
  • Kleeware display area
  • New Britains Floral Garden display finally completed.
  • Achingly rare Dolly Varden dollhouse installed.
  • Museum networking and internet infrastructure upgraded, ready for the new audio guide software.
  • Room-box display of My Dolly's Kitchen Range (Wells-Brimtoy)
  • boxed sets of Dinky Toy Dollhouse Furniture
  • Hornby Wall display cleaned
  • Dol-Toi dollhouse furniture, boxed sets
  • Waddy Builderbit card dollhouse furniture, built and unbuilt sets
  • Large agricultural models moved to lobby
  • Minic ships display moved to Arch Four, near to the main ships cabinet.


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