Meccano Electrical Outfit

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Meccano Electrical Outfit

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Arch Two , Area 04
Meccano Construction Sets (display)


A boxed Meccano Electrical Outfit.

The outfit is displayed open, with its attractive colour-labelled lid behind it.

The Meccano Electrical Outfit (promotional text circa ~1920)

MECCANO ELECTRIFIED. The application of electricity to the Meccano system has added a further and wonderful charm. Nothing could be more fascinating and instructive than to make a loco with Meccano, fix the Meccano Electric Motor inside, attach up the Accumulator, and turn on the current from your own switchboard, making the loco start, pick up speed, slow down and come to a stop, running it through tunnels, over bridges and into sidings; or to fix up a warehouse with several floors, and an elevator worked by electricity, loading up goods and transferring them from one floor to another; or to make your own electric Lamp, Induction Coil, and a score of other things. All these things can be done with Meccano, and the Electric side of the hobby is developing rapidly. These new Electrical Outfits contain all the electrical accessories and fittings necessary to make the full range of experiments, with a well illustrated book of instructions which makes everything simple. To the boy who already possesses a Meccano outfit, these Electrical sets are a great boon.