Mobile Anti-Aircraft Gun (Meccano Mechanised Army)

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Mobile Anti-Aircraft Gun (Meccano Mechanised Army)

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Meccano Construction Sets (display)

1939 - 1941

A drab green Meccano model of a rotating and elevating Mobile Anti-Aircraft Gun, made with the 1939 Meccano Mechanised Army set.

Iconic status

This is the model that was used to showcase the MMA Meccano sets, which appeared in the second half of 1939 as World War Two was looming. The sets introduced "drab green"-painted Meccano and blackened nuts and bolts, and wooden gun barrels.


Our model includes a few very minor adaptations, but is essentially the model showcased in all the 1939 set advertising. Since this is a 1939 design and is constructed from 1939 Meccano, we've classified its date as 1939. However, this specific model wasn't actually built from the set until 2020.

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