Lawnmower and Hose (Britains Floral Garden 2594)

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Lawnmower and Hose (Britains Floral Garden 2594)

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Arch Two , Area 20
Dollhouse Miniatures 2 (display)


A green and orange garden Lawnmower and Hose set, Britains Floral Garden item 2594, used on the museum’s Britains Floral Garden display.

Garden Hose, Britains Floral Garden Display

The lawnmower has a detachable grass bin, and the hose has three parts: the high-visibility orange hose itself (presumably high-visibility orange to stop it being accidentally run over by the mower!), a green reel, an orange sprinkler unit, and an upright orange stopcock unit with a peg that fits into the holes on the flowerbeds.

Because the hose tends to be a bit twisty, it can sometimes be difficult to place the lightweight sprinkler unit so that the hose doesn’t flip it over.