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It's normally very unusual for the museum to go a whole month without adding something new to its displays.

In early 2022, however, we have been rather distracted by the job of preparing for the magnificence of the David Hatley Collection of Early Dinky Toys, which will be living in the space previously occupied by the Spot-On diecast vehicles display.


In anticipation of the Hatley Early Dinky Toys collection:

  • Removal of the Spot-On collection in archive, pending redisplay
  • Stripping and waterproofing the space
  • Cladding the space with a waterproof liner, and base
  • Repainting
  • Assessment and measurement of the various boxes and items in the collection, rough layout designs
  • Ordering new glass shelving.
  • Acquisition of an acrylic-bending machine: Creation of a large number of acrylic box stands.
  • Creation of of a set of clear acrylic pillars
  • Upgrading security


Post-war Dinky Toys upgrade (1940s-1950s)


Completion of the Hatley pre-war Dinky display, with additional infographics


Tri-ang Dollhouse No.65 (1960s)


Ubilda lithographed tinplate Tower Bridge


Christmas shop-stock