Flying Scotsman presentation set 4-344 (Trix Twin Railways)

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Flying Scotsman presentation set 4-344 (Trix Twin Railways)

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Arch Four , Area 43
00-gauge Miscellaneous (display)
Shelf 4

A hinged-lid 1939 Flying Scotsman presentation set made by Trix Twin Railways (TTR) in 1939.

Trix promotional material

The set includes a green "Flying Scotsman" locomotive: for reasons of space, the nameplate is abbreviated to read just "SCOTSMAN".

Text from the 1939/40 catalogue:


The 4-6-2 Pacifics "Princess Elizabeth" (LMS) and "Flying Scotsman (LNER)", both of which have been expressly designed and created by the firm of Bassett-Lowke Ltd. for this railway. To go with these expresses are new coaches of correct scale length, including dining and restaurant cars, and electric lighting can be fitted to any coach if required.

Added to this attractive development, there is the new auto-uncoupler, a device which can be fitted in the tender, actuated by remote control with the standard Twin Train equipment.

Both scale models have this fitted, and the problem of rolling stock uncupling by remote control has also been solved …

The 4-6-2 Locos and their Scale Model Coaches are assembled in complete trains and packed in presentation cabinets as illustrated. Price £7 . 0 . 0

— , Bassett-Lowke Ltd, , 1939, , 1939

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