Stone Corner Posts and Iron Fencing (Britains Floral Garden 2587)

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Stone Corner Posts and Iron Fencing (Britains Floral Garden 2587)

Stone Cornerpost and Iron Fencing Packet, Britains Floral Garden 2587 (Britains 1966).jpg (i)
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Arch Two , Area 20
Dollhouse Miniatures 2 (display)


Another cleverly-designed component, the Stone Corner-Posts and Iron Fencing pieces, Britains Floral Garden item 2587, consisted of flat-topped square stone-effect pillars with a top space for a single planting, and thin black ornate fencework meant to suggest black-painted wrought iron.

Corner posts and iron fencing stacked two levels high, to create a grand entrance gate, Britains Floral Garden display

The fence pieces had two hooks to hook onto loops protruding from the pillars: if hooked up at both sides, the ironwork formed a fence section: if only hooked up on once side, it made a swing gate: with a pair of pillars and a pair of swing-gates, one got a double gate.

The square slab on the tops of the pillars could also be pulled off to reveal a peg that allowed pillars to be stacked two or more sections high. Since the slabless pillar was the same height as the stone garden walls, this allowed nice-looking high walls, two or threelevels high, with matching pillared ends or corners.

Since the fence/gate sections were the same unit height (if one snipped off the decorative top crest), a two-pillar stack, hooked onto a pair of fence/gate sections (perhaps glued together) gave a double-height swinging gate. On our display, we’ve created a "grand" gate entrance using four gate sections and four pillar pieces.