Rockery (Britains Floral Garden 2573)

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Rockery (Britains Floral Garden 2573)

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Arch Two , Area 20
Dollhouse Miniatures 2 (display)


Mottled stone-effect Rockery sections with plants, Britains Floral Garden item 2573, used on the museum's Britains Floral Garden display.

Rockery, Britains Floral Garden display


The rockery consists of two types of piece – a long stretch of rockery with cut-off ends, and a right-angled "joiner" piece that butts up against it. Together, the parts can be used to create raised garden boundaries, surrounds for raised sections of lawn, or as transitions between different garden levels.

Comparison with Britains Garden (lead)

The right-angle pieces are all "convex" … the plastic series doesn't include the equivalent of the "concave" right-angle pieces that appear in the earlier lead Britains Garden sets, to let the user create sunken areas completely bounded by rockery.

While the older Lead Britains Garden rockery pieces also included dedicated sets of steps, the plastic Floral Garden pieces don't -- steps can instead be created from the cardboard [[[Crazy Paving]]] pieces, spaced apart vertically by runs of Brick Edging (or by Plasticine, or anything else that comes to hand).