Tram, gauge 1 (Georges Carette)

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Tram, gauge 1 (Georges Carette)

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Arch Three , Area 30
Classic Locomotives (display)


A painted tinplate four-wheeled model Tram in gauge 1, made by Georges Carette, some time circa 1904.


The tram has a cream-coloured upper half and a dark lower half, and a light brown roof with central raised spine and ventilation holes. There are (barred) entrances on both sides at the front and back, with two-rung ladder-steps leading up to each. The cream-colourered upper part has one curve-topped window front and back, and three at each side, the middle window being approximately double-width.

The lower sides have a light grey horizontal panel with a raised red border and a very obvious central "GC" monogram. Similar red lining surrounds the side windows, and there is a white red-lined destination board centred on each side of the roof.