Brick Edging (Britains Floral Garden 2560)

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Brick Edging (Britains Floral Garden 2560)

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Arch Two , Area 20
Dollhouse Miniatures 2 (display)


Multiple examples of the Britains Floral Garden item 2560, Brick Edging, used on the museum's Britains Floral Garden display.

Brick edging used two layers high, to create a raised quarter-circle bed

The Brick Edging pieces were one of the nicest aspects of Britain’s Floral Garden,with a satisfyingly tactile feel: Y-shaped pieces of soft tan plastic with multi-coloured mottling designed to look like three staggered rustic bricks, the Y pieces could be fitted together in a chain to produce straight or curved walls, and angled corners, and to fit onto the edges of the various BFG flowerbeds.

Courses of bricks could also be stacked two or three sets high to created higher raised beds, and used for the edging of complex stepped flowerbed shapes.


We found that when we were building the display, some of our bricks had become a little bit brittle, causing them to snap apart when we tried to fit them onto the flowerbed edges (whittling the flowerbed edges narrower would probably have fixed the problem).

We used some of the resulting "loose" bricks as stepping-stones on one of the ponds.