Mechanics Made Easy, set (Elliott and Hornby)

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Mechanics Made Easy, set (Elliott and Hornby)

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A boxed set of Mechanics Made Easy ("An Adaptable Mechanical Toy"), made by Elliott and Hornby of 18 James Street, Liverpool, some time before 1907/1908 (when the system was updated and renamed "Meccano").

A monochrome "historical" picture of the box lid artwork, published by Meccano Magazine in 1932

Box artwork

The set is in a long tinplate colour-printed tinplate box. The box artwork is essentially the same as they shown in the 1932 Meccano Magazine image, except that it is in colour, and gives the manufacturer as "Elliott & Hornby" rather than "Frank Hornby".

The left side of the box shows a typical "dribbler" 0-4-0 toy locomotive running on "Meccano-like" track, pulling a wagon made with "Mechanics Made Easy", while the right-hand side of the box shows a model crane made with the system.

The set number would normally be identifiable by the price shown on a round sticker, at the top right. This example doesn't have a price sticker, and the circular region meant for a sticker instead shows an ornamental red rose design printed on the box.