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23 - Corgi Toys (Glenn Butler Collection)
Arch Two

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The main display cabinet for Glenn Butler's collection of Corgi Toys is in Arch Two, and currently contains over two hundred mint condition classic-era Corgi Toys vehicles with their original packaging, up to and including the famous Corgi model of the 1960s Lincoln-Continental-based Batmobile, and Corgi's original silver and gold versions of the James Bond's Aston Martin DB6, with machine guns, rear bullet-screen and ejector seat.

2015 expansion

A further auxiliary Dinky Toys cabinet with around another seventy-odd vehicles and boxes was added in January 2015, and is directly adjacent, just to the right of the first cabinet. The displays have been undergoing continual further enhancement and expansion throughout 2015-2019 on an almost monthly basis, eventually reaching a peak (counting trailers and individual cars on transporters) of around ~350 models.

About the collection

Wallis & Wallis Specialist Toys & Model Auctioneers of Lewes began running the very first regular toy auctions in the country here in Sussex thirty-four years ago. Of course, many other companies have since joined in, and auctions continue to be an important part of the toy collecting scene, especially for older and more valuable items.

about Glenn

Glenn Butler, one of the partners of Wallis & Wallis sold his first Corgi and Dinky collection to help buy his first house, but the collecting bug never went away and over the last 22 years put together this stunning collection of Corgi Toys from the late 1950’s and 1960s purchased at auction and from all over the World. This second collection, now purely Corgi, was collected partly in memory of those he played with as a boy but, as he says, he could never have collected the rare colours and other variations back then – they were just toys, you did not think about rarities, even if they existed.

Most of Glenn’s growing collection is now here on display at Brighton Toy and Model Museum, and features many rare examples which were not often seen when they were new, as they were for export only. Some also never made production as they were colour trials purchased from an ex-Mettoy employee. The Bentley Continental in black and dark green and the Land Rover 109” in light grey are two such examples.

colours and rarities

Glenn is always on the look-out for interesting and different colour variations, some of which are not obvious, like the two different metallic red/maroon versions of the Mercedes-Benz Pullman with working windscreen wipers, and some that few people know about, like the metallic blue Renault Floride, with a red interior which was apparently mostly retailed in Italy, plus a similar example in a lighter blue with a yellow interior, never having been recorded as having been sold at auction. Ramsay’s Price Guide records this example as "NGPP" (No Guide Price Possible). He also found the elusive Citroen Safari Alpine Rescue Car, complete with the figures of the man and St Bernard dog in The Netherlands. The gold coloured Volkswagen Type 2 pick-up is also a very rare find.

There are also rare promotionals, like the Volkswagen Type 2 van in "Vroom & Dreesman" livery for a department store in The Netherlands, the Commer vans in "Hammonds" livery for a store in Hull and in plain dark grey for "Combex Industries Ltd" which interestingly never existed – a batch of these Commer vans were found and a name was plucked and certificates printed to give them a history – still it’s a rare and interesting piece. This model is fitted with unusual later-style plastic wheels some years before they went into mass production as Whizzwheels. Any further information on this example would be gratefully received.


Glenn says he does not really want to get into the variations in wheels and tyres, but sometimes this is important and a clue to the date of the model. For example, the Bedford Dormobile Personnel Carrier, which unusually has the blue colour extending down to the "waistline" rather than just the roof, is also fitted with the early-style plain spun wheels, indicating that it is also a very early issue of this second type Bedford CA van from Corgi.

Similarly, his examples of the well-known James Bond Aston Martin DB5 include one with the red centre early Whizzwheels, which have been found to have been fitted to just a few of these models, as they fouled the wheel-arches. Although there is speculation that these have been "altered" by someone, this example did come from the same ex-employee at Mettoy. The collection also has a rare Land Rover with the same red centre wheels purchased off a trader in The Netherlands, so examples did exist using earlier castings with the later style red spot Whizzwheels. These "red spot" wheels were unsuccessful and were quickly changed for the more common plastic version, which if required, ran smoothly and quickly. It is these small variations which make collecting models like these so interesting. Not everybody’s collection is made up of so many absolutely mint and boxed examples as Glenn’s – he has put a lot of time and effort into obtaining the particular models he wanted.

the thrill of the hunt

A bit of fun to keep the collecting bug fresh: Glenn bought off an antique dealer friend, a mint empty box for the "Carrimore" Car Transporter set, then set about finding the contents to match; Finding the correct Bedford and car transporter, but in the rare export colours took time. In total, it took around three years to complete.

Meanwhile, he will continue to look out for more interesting additions to his Corgi collection, which you can enjoy, along with all the other wonderful exhibits here on display.

collecting Corgi

Thinking about collecting Corgi Toys yourself? A bit of advice given to Glenn by his father: "Buy the best you can find as it will pay you dividends in the end, condition is key." Watch for good repaints, these are fine as long as they are not being offered as originals. Always check the base and the rivets, also check bumpers/grills, these were masked and sprayed, not hand painted. Reproduction boxes have been produced to a very high standard so check inside, some are marked "reproduction". If in doubt ask someone who knows. Happy hunting!

Listings (as of ~2014)

The portion of the collection currently on display across both cabinets currently consists of more than three hundred individual Corgi vehicles.

The following list is for the main Corgi cabinet contents as they were in 2014 ... this was before the display was expanded with the second cabinet, and is now woefully out of date. 2015 saw the addition of a significant number of achingly rare and desperately valuable Corgi pieces, some of which were experimental or export-only versions, and which are not included in the current listing.

  • 150S: Vanwall racing car, green
  • 151: Lotus Mk11 Le Mans racing car, blue
  • 152S: BRM racing car, turquoise
  • 153: Bluebird record car, blue
  • 155: Lotus Climax racing car, green/yellow
  • 156: Cooper Maserati, dark blue
  • 200: Ford Consul, green/cream
  • 201: The Saint's Volvo, White
  • 202: Morris Cowley, mid blue/cream
  • 205: Riley Pathfinder, red
  • 207: Standard Vanguard 111, cream/red roof, upper sides
  • 208S: Jaguar 2.4 saloon, lemon yellow
  • 209: Riley Pathfinder Police Car, black
  • 210: Citroen DS 19, red
  • 211S: Studebaker Golden Hawk, gold plated
  • 213S: Jaguar 2.4 saloon Fire Service, bright red
  • 216: Austin A40, light blue/dark blue
  • 216M: Austin A40, red/black roof
  • 218: Aston Martin DB4, yellow/spoked wheels
  • 220: Chevrolet Impala, sky blue
  • 221: Chevrolet Impala TAXI, yellow/red
  • 221: Chevrolet Impala TAXI, yellow
  • 222: Renault Floride, metallic light olive green
  • 222: Renault Floride, metallic blue
  • 222: Renault Floride, maroon
  • 224: Bentley Continental, black/dark green
  • 224: Bentley Continental, black/silver
  • 224: Bentley Continental, apple green/pale green
  • 226: Morris Mini Minor, metallic maroon
  • 227: Mini Cooper Rally, yellow/with yellow bonnet RN 3
  • 227: Mini Cooper Rally, blue/white roof/bonnet RN7
  • 228: Volvo P.1800, pink
  • 229: Chevrolet Corvair, light blue
  • 229: Chevrolet Corvair, mid blue
  • 230: Mercedes Benz 220 SE, cream
  • 230: Mercedes Benz 220 SE, maroon
  • 230: Mercedes Benz 220 SE, black
  • 231: Triumph Herald, light blue/white
  • 231: Triumph Herald, gold/white
  • 232: Fiat 2100, pale pink
  • 233: Heinkel Trojan, orange
  • 234: Ford Consul Classic, beige with pink roof
  • 235: Oldsmobile Super 88, metallic blue/white flash
  • 235: Oldsmobile Super 88, light blue /white flash
  • 236: Austin A60 Motor School, light blue
  • 238: Jaguar Mk X, metallic sea green
  • 239: Volkswagen 1500 Karmann Ghia, metallic gold
  • 240: Fiat 600 Jolly, blue with red canopy
  • 240: Fiat 600 Jolly, metallic blue with red canopy
  • 241: Chrysler Ghia L6.4, metallic yellow gold body
  • 241: Chrysler Ghia L6.4, metallic blue
  • 241: Chrysler Ghia L6.4, metallic green
  • 246: Chrysler Imperial Convertible, red with golf bag in trunk
  • 247: Mercedes Benz 600 Pullman, metallic maroon
  • 247: Mercedes Benz 600 Pullman, metallic red
  • 248: Chevrolet Impala, light brown/cream roof
  • 249: Morris Mini Cooper wickerwork, black, red roof wickerwork sides
  • 251: Hillman Imp, metallic blue
  • 252: Rover 2000, metallic light blue
  • 252: Rover 2000, metallic maroon
  • 253: Mercedes Benz 220 SE, metallic blue
  • 255: Austin A60 Motor School, dark blue left-hand-drive
  • 256: Volkswagen 1200 East African, orange/plus rhino
  • 258: Volvo P.1800 'The Saint', white/black logo
  • 259: Citroen Le Dandy, metallic maroon
  • 259: Citroen Le Dandy, metallic blue/white
  • 260: Renault 16TS, metallic maroon
  • 261: James Bond Aston Martin DB5, metallic gold
  • 262: Lincoln Continental, light blue/light tan roof
  • 263: Marlin Rambler, red/black roof
  • 267: Batmobile 1st type, gloss black
  • 268: Green Hornet's Black Beauty, gloss black
  • 270: James Bond Aston Martin DB5, metallic silver
  • 270: James Bond Aston Martin DB5, metallic silver/red spot wheels
  • 270: James Bond Aston Martin DB5, metallic silver, picture box
  • 270: James Bond Aston Martin DB5, metallic silver rare box
  • 271: Ghia Mangusta DeTomaso, blue/white
  • 273: Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, pearlescent white/grey
  • 275: Rover 2000TC, metallic olive green
  • 275: Rover 2000TC, white
  • 277: Monkeemobile, red/white roof
  • 280: Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, metallic silver/blue
  • 280: Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, metallic gold
  • 281: Rover 2000, metallic purple
  • 281: Rover 2000, metallic maroon
  • 302: MGA, dark metallic green
  • 302: Hillman Hunter Rally, blue/white kangaroo
  • 303S: Mercedes Benz 300SL, light blue
  • 304: Mercedes Benz 300SL, all yellow
  • 305: Triumph TR3, metallic olive green
  • 307: Jaguar E Type, dark red
  • 307: Jaguar E Type, dark metallic grey
  • 309: Aston Martin DB4 competition, turquoise/white
  • 310: Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, metallic silver
  • 312: Marcos Mantis, metallic maroon
  • 313: Ford Cortina GXL G.Hill, metallic bronze
  • 313: Ford Cortina GXL G.Hill, mustard
  • 314: Ferrari Berlinetta 250LM, red
  • 315: Simca 1000 Sport, plated silver
  • 316: NSU Sport Prinz, metallic pink
  • 317: Mini-Cooper Monte Carlo, red/white roof RN37
  • 318: Lotus Elan S2 open top, metallic light blue
  • 318: Lotus Elan S2 open top, white
  • 318/9: Lotus Elan S2 open top, dark green/yellow stripe
  • 319: Lotus Elan S2 closed top, mid blue/white
  • 319: Lotus Elan S2 closed top, red/white
  • 319: Lotus Elan S2 closed top, yellow/green
  • 321: Monte Carlo Mini, red/white roof RN52
  • 322: Rover 2000 Monte Carlo Rally, metallic maroon/white
  • 322: Rover 2000 Sun Rally, white/black
  • 323: Citroen DS19 Monte Carlo Rally, light blue/white RN75
  • 324: Marcos 1800 GT, white/green stripes
  • 324: NSU Sport Prinz, blue/white stripes
  • 325: Ford Mustang Fastback, white/red stripes
  • 327: MGB GT, red
  • 330: Porsche Carrera GT, red/white
  • 334: Mini Cooper Magnifique, metallic blue
  • 335: Jaguar 'E' Type, metallic blue
  • 336: Toyota 2000 GT, white
  • 339: Mini Cooper, red/white roof RN177
  • 341: Mini Marcos GT850, metallic red
  • 345: MGC GT Competition, yellow/black
  • 352: RAF Standard Vanguard RAF Staff Car, RAF blue
  • 354: Commer Military Ambulance, satin olive green
  • 355: Commer Van US Miltary Police, satin olive green
  • 356: Volkswagen Personnel Carrier, satin olive green
  • 357: Land Rover US Military, satin olive green
  • 358: Oldsmobile Staff Car, satin olive green
  • 359: Smith's US Army Field Kitchen, satin olive green
  • 403: Bedford 12CWT Van 'Daily Express', dark blue livery
  • 403A: Bedford 12CWT Van 'KLG Plugs', red livery
  • 404: Bedford 'Dormobile' Personnel Carrier, yellow/light blue roof
  • 404: Bedford 'Dormobile' Personnel Carrier, yellow/light blue roof & sides V.Rare
  • 406: Land Rover 109", metallic blue/cream roof
  • 406: Land Rover 109", yellow/black roof
  • 408: Bedford Road AA Service van, yellow/black
  • 412: Bedford Ambulance, cream livery
  • 414: Bedford Military Ambulance, satin olive green
  • 416: Land Rover RAC vehicle, mid blue livery
  • 416S: Land Rover RAC vehicle, mid blue livery
  • 417: Land Rover Breakdown Truck, red/yellow
  • 419: Ford Zephyr Motorway Car, white
  • 420: Ford Thames Airborne Caravan, metallic green/pale green
  • 420: Ford Thames Airborne Caravan, lilac/pink
  • 420: Ford Thames Airborne Caravan, blue/pale blue
  • 422: Bedford delivery van 'Corgi', yellow/blue
  • 422: Bedford delivery van 'Corgi', blue/yellow (RARE)
  • 423: Bedford Utilecon Fire Tender, red
  • 424: Ford Zephyr Estate car, two tone blue
  • 426: Chipperfields Booking Office, red/blue
  • 428: Mr. Softee Ice Cream van, light blue/cream
  • 430: Ford Thunderbird Bermuda Taxi, white/green/red canopy
  • 431: Volkswagen Pick-Up, metallic gold/red
  • 431: Volkswagen Pick-Up, yellow/red
  • 433: Volkswagen Delivery van, red/white
  • 433: VW Delivery Van, Vroom & Dreesmann, dark grey livery
  • 434: Volkswagen Kombi, metallic green/pale green
  • 435: Karrier Bantam Dairy Produce Van, light blue/white roof
  • 436: Citroen Safari, yellow wildlife livery
  • 437: Cadillac Superior Ambulance, red/cream
  • 437: Cadillac Superior Ambulance, light blue/white
  • 438: Land Rover 109", dark green/grey tonneau
  • 438: Land Rover 109", metallic green/brown canopy
  • 438: Land Rover 109", red spot wheels, metallic green/brown canopy
  • 440: Ford Consul Cortina Estate Golf Set, metallic blue with accessories
  • 441: Volkswagen Toblerone van, light blue livery
  • 443: Plymouth Suburban Sports US Mail, light blue/white
  • 445: Plymouth Sports Suburban Station Wagon, lilac with red roof
  • 445: Plymouth Sports Suburban Station Wagon, cream with light brown roof
  • 447: Wall's Ice Cream van, light blue/cream
  • 448: Police Mini van and police dog, dark blue
  • 448: Police Mini van and police dog, dark blue
  • 450: Austin Mini van, light metallic green
  • 452: Commer 5 Ton Dropside Lorry, red/cream
  • 454: Commer 5 Ton Platform Lorry, metallic blue/silver
  • 458: ERF 44G Earth Dumper, red/yellow
  • 460: ERF Neville Cement Tipper 'Tunnel Cement', yellow/silver
  • 462: Commer delivery van Hammonds, green/blue/white
  • 462: Commer delivery van, grey Masonic Lodge special
  • 463: Commer Ambulance, cream
  • 464: Commer Police van, dark blue/County Police
  • 464: Commer Police van, dark blue/POLICE
  • 465: Commer Pick-Up Truck, red/yellow
  • 466: Commer Milk Float, light blue/white
  • 468: Routemaster Double Decker Bus, red L.T. livery, 'Church's
  • 468: Routemaster Double Decker Bus (RARE), Australian NSW green/brown/cream
  • 468: Routemaster Double Decker Bus, red L.T. livery
  • 468: Routemaster Double Decker Bus, red L.T. livery
  • 471: Karrier Bantam 'Patetes Frites', Belgian Issue, mid blue
  • 471: Karrier Bantam 'Joe's Diner', mid blue
  • 473: Citroen Safari Winter Sport 1964, white/ Olymipic logo
  • 475: Citroen Safari Corgi Ski Club, white/ski club logo
  • 477: Land Rover Breakdown Truck, red/yellow
  • 474: Wall's Ice Cream van, light blue/cream
  • 485: Surfing with the BMC Mini Countryman, turquoise
  • 486: Chevrolet Kennel Club vehicle, red/white
  • 487: Land Rover Chipperfields vehicle, red/blue
  • 490: Volkswagen Breakdown Truck, mustard green
  • 491: Ford Consul Cortina Estate, red/woodwork
  • 491: Ford Consul Cortina Estate, metallic grey/woodwork
  • 492: Volkswagen 1200 Beetle Polizie car, white
  • 492: Volkswagen 1200 Beetle Polizei car, green/white
  • 497: The Man From Uncle Thrush Buster, metallic purplish blue
  • 497: The Man From Uncle Thrush Buster, cream US export version
  • 499: Citroen Safari 1968 Winter Olympics, white/blue 'Grenoble'
  • 503: Chipperfields Giraffe Transporter, mid blue/red, stepped wheels
  • 508: Commer Holiday Camp Special Mini Bus, orange/white
  • 510: Citroen DS Paramount 'Tour de France', red/white
  • 513: Citroen Safari Alpine Rescue, white/red with St.Bernard


  • 1100: Bedford Machinery Carrier, yellow/metallic blue
  • 1118: International 6×6 Truck, satin olive green
  • 1120: Motorway Express Coach, red with black roof
  • 1129: Bedford articulated Petrol Tanker, light blue/white
  • 1134: Bedford US Army Fuel Tanker, satin olive green
  • 1140: Bedford articulated Petrol Tanker Mobilgas, red/white
  • 1143: American La France Fire Engine, red/silver
  • 1146: Scammell Carrimore tri-deck transporter, yellow/white
  • 1147: Scammell Highwayman 'Ferrymaster', yellow/white


  • Gift Set 1B: Car transporter with 4 cars, Bedford S Type with 4 cars-boxed
  • Gift Set 2: Land Rover with Rice's Pony Trailer, fawn/cream livery
  • Gift Set 2: Land Rover with Rice's Pony Trailer, green/fawn and red/black
  • Gift Set 8: Lions Of Longleat Land Rover, white/black stripes
  • Gift Set 10: Marlin Rambler Set with trailer & two canoes, blue/white
  • Gift Set 11: ERF Lorry with 4-wheel trailer, yellow/metallic blue
  • Gift Set 16: Ecurie Ecosse Racing Car Transporter +3 cars, metallic blue/lighte blue words
  • Gift Set: Land Rover with Ferrari Racing Car on Trailer, red/cream and red livery
  • Gift Set 27: Bedford Machinery Carrier + Priestman Shovel, yellow/metallic blue
  • Gift Set 31: Buick Riviera Boat Set, light blue car, boat and skier
  • Gift Set 35: London Passenger Transport Set, Routemaster and Austin Taxi
  • Gift Set 37: Lotus Racing Team, Volkswagen, 2 Lotus, chassis etc
  • Gift Set 48: Car transporter with 6 cars, Ford H Series Carrimore & cars

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