Green Hornet Black Beauty crime-fighting car (Corgi Toys 268)

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Green Hornet Black Beauty crime-fighting car (Corgi Toys 268)

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Arch Two , Area 23
Corgi Toys (Glenn Butler Collection)
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A black gadget-equipped Green Hornet's "Black Beauty" "crime-fighting car" with "secret built in missile launcher and flying radar scanner" , Corgi Toys 268, made between 1967 and 1972.

The car is displayed on its original box and winged cardboard display stand, and has two special features - a radiator grille that pops down to allow a red plastic missile to be fired forwards, and a boot that opens to allow a "radar spinner" to be launched upwards. The car is driven by "Kato", with the Green Hornet character aiming a gun from the back seat, and the windows are green-tinted.

The Green Hornet

The Green Hornet was the main character in a 1930s American "action" radio series, which spawned a coupel fo film serioals in the 1940s, and then got an American TV series in 1966 (with his sidekick "Kato" played by Bruce Lee). The slightly extravagant naming of the car ("Black Beauty") probably reflects the radio-show origins, as "Quick Kato, fetch Black Beauty!" is probably a lot more evocative and exciting to hear in a radio play than "Quick Kato, fetch the car!"

The series was nowhere near as popular as the more campy 1960s "Batman" series, and wasn't ever shown in the UK ... however, the van Cleemput "Corgi" book says that UK sales of the toy car were nevertheless around two and a half times greater than the export (US) sales, suggesting that UK toyshop toy-buyers and their customers liked the Corgi car as a feature-packed toy in its own right, even if they had no idea who the "Green Hornet" character was supposed to be.

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