James Bond Aston Martin DB5, gold, 2015 reissue (Corgi Toys CC04203G)

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James Bond Aston Martin DB5, gold, 2015 reissue (Corgi Toys CC04203G)

James Bond Aston Martin DB5, Corgi Toys 270 (CorgiCat 1970).jpg (i)
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Arch Two , Area 23
Corgi Toys (Glenn Butler Collection)
Shelf 8

A gold-coloured 2015 reissue of Corgi Toys' James Bond Aston Martin DB5 car, with extendable machine guns, ejector seat and rear bullet-shield. The model is displayed on top of its retro-styled packaging, and alongside the rest of the museum's Corgi DB5's.

2015 reissue

This model was reissued in 2015 for the 50th anniversary of the original 1965 Corgi model base don the car in Goldfinger (1964), and like the 1965 models, was produced in silver (as in the film) and in gold. The 2015 silver and gold versions were initially supplied to dealers in the ratio 5:1 (one gold model per box of six). Both were massively pre-ordered, with the gold version already fetching silly prices and no longer orderable from the Corgi online shop (which does currently let you order the silver version at the standard SRP).

1965 vs. 2015

Although the museum doesn't normally show "new" toys, the urge to show the new 2015 model against the collection of its 1960s predecessors was too strong to resist! A quick comparison shows that although some reviews have described the 2015 reissue as a "carbon copy" of the 1965 version, the car's bodywork does seem to be a different casting, with slightly different proportions and the occasional detail difference (although the functionality is the same as with the later 1960s Corgi models).

This is probably to be expected - since the original design stamped out over six million copies of the original Corgi DB5 before being retired, then, even if Corgi still had the original moulds, and even if they were compatible with modern production processes, they might be expected to be a little "tired" by now.

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