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As well as making Meccano construction sets, Meccano France manufactured their own range of gauge 0 Hornby locomotives, rolling stock and accessories, under the Serie Hornby / Trains Hornby marque.

These pieces were designed for Meccano France's local market, and were often distinctively different to their UK counterparts.

The Blue Train

1935: Train Bleu and Fleche d'Or ("Golden Arrow", pictured) sets, No.2E

The Meccano Paris "Train Bleu" was arguably the first "proper" steam-outline Hornby train set based on the shape of an actual specific lococomotive to be available in Britain, and it was also imported into the UK market by Meccano Ltd., and sold to well-off British families who would know the Blue Train due to their taking it to the South of France for their holidays.


In the UK, the appearance of Hornby Dublo in the late 1930s set the scene for the model railway market after the war, with Dublo rapidly displacing gauge 0 from the Meccano Ltd catalogues. Post-war, the British gauge 0 range contracted to a small number of sets based on "toyish" 0-4-0 locos. However, over in France, Meccano Paris continued to strongly promote gauge 0 and produce new models and sets, partly because their own tabletop counterpart of Dublo, Hornby ACHO, didn't appear until ~1960.

1957: Serié ST ("Sécurité Totale")

Stations and other buildings

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