Flèche d'Or (Golden Arrow) train set (Hornby France)

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Flèche d'Or (Golden Arrow) train set (Hornby France)

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Arch Three , Area 30
Classic Locomotives (display)

A boxed, as-new electric French Golden Arrow ("Fleche d'Or") Pullman train set, with two brown, cream and gold Pullman carriages, and a French "Blue Train"-style locomotive, Nord 31801.

The set is displayed in its original box, complete with packing paper and accessories.

The Hornby Flèche d'Or train set, pictured in a 1935 catalogue


The box is large, blue, compartmented, and has a large "shaped" sticker on the lid showing a blue streamlined speeding locomotive with strong perspective, and "Train Hornby" in large letters.

Smaller text reads, "Fabrique par Meccano-Paris / Made in France", and there's an oval sticker marked "3FE FLECHE D'OR / Alternatif"


The loco is a brown "Nord" later-type Hornby electric 4-4-2 "Blue Train" type, with a front lightbulb and smoke deflectors (which weren't on the earlier versions of the loco), numbered 31801, with gold detailing and a matching eight-wheel tender.

French Hornby 31801 loco, earlier smoke-deflectorless version, 1935


The set comes with two of the French version of the Hornby No.2 Special Pullman carriages in brown and cream with gold lettering.

The carriages are marked "Pullman-Car No.4018 E (P)", "Voiture-Salon Pullman No. 4018 E (P)", with a central crest flanked by two golden arrows. Above the windows is the text "COMPAGNIE INTERNATIONALE DES WAGONS-LITS ET DES GRANDS EXPRESS EUROPEENS", flanked by two golden arrows pointing forwards and backwards.