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Souvenir guide, front cover

Souvenir guide, front cover [image info]

2018 started with the installation of four shelves of C19th flat lead figures in Arch Four, followed by the display of three more miniature sewing machines, bringing the total up to eleven. We are currently waiting for a nice Meccano No.7 set, which we hope to install some time around May-June (estimated).

Main 2018 updates

C19th German flat lead figures:
... Battle of Morat
... Viking raid on a Saxon village
... Zoo
Three more miniature/toy sewing machines.
Part of museum floor resurfaced with grip paint.
Finally, a Museum Guide Book!
Two more toy theatres,
Community Rail Partnership agreement signed with Brighton Station
Elastolin "Cowboys and Indians" display
Animate Toys display
Framed "Tri-ang" products catalogue poster, circa ~1938
Upgraded internet connection, improving public wi-fi
Meccano No.7 set in new display area
Banner poster above Trafalgar Street
Two display cabinets in Brighton Station


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