Regina Sewing Machine (Muller)

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Regina Sewing Machine (Muller)

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Arch Two , Area 11
Play Kitchen (display)

1945 - 1949

A bright red battery-powered electric F.W. Müller "Regina" Sewing Machine. 1945-1949


The machine has a red-painted metal body and baseplate, set into the roof of a thick wooden stand with rounded corners, made of four pices of finished wood with flat finger-jointing at each corner. The wooden base also serves as the surrounding walls of the battery cavity, which takes two cylindrical 1.5 Volt batteries.

The handle for manual use is a red plastic knob attached to a thick white plastic wheel cylinder decorated with raised concentric circles.

One side of the machine is decorated with a gold and black transfer showing a script "M" (for Müller), and the word "Regina" in black bold capitals, with a flat baseline and concave arced upper side.

In front of the machine, set into the red metal base, is a small white ball-shaped plastic switch-head and the legend "AUS<---->EIN".

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