Saxon Church ablaze, folded flat lead (possibly Heinrichsen)

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Saxon Church ablaze, folded flat lead (possibly Heinrichsen)

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Arch Four , Area 36
Lead figures (display)

A three-dimensional lead model of a Saxon Church in flames, part of the lead Viking Raid flat lead figures set.

The model is made from a flat lead sheet with open window and door details, that has been folded into a rectangular box shape with a sloping (gaping, deliberately incomplete) red-painted roof. The roof has a large jagged gap, with cast lead flames licking around some of the edges, and has just been torched by the Viking raiders.

From an unidentified set of flat lead figures depicting a Viking raid on a Saxon village. The set were stored with another set by Heinrichsen of Nuremburg, but might be by another manufacturer. A handwritten note with the figures suggests that the "Viking Raid" set might have been bought in 1914 in Zurich ("Berthold's"?).