Owen Conveyancer Forklift Truck (Victory Industries)

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Owen Conveyancer Forklift Truck (Victory Industries)

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A boxed example of the authorised 1:14-scale electrically powered model of Owen's "Conveyancer" fork-lift truck. The model was made by Victory Industries Ltd.

This was one of the models that Victory was commissioned to design and make, which Victory would sell as a toy, and the commissioning company could use as a sales and marketing tool for their sales representatives.

In this case, the commissioning company was "The Owen Organisation", and the box for the model carries both the "V Models" and "Owen" logos.

Box text:

" Official model replica of the Conveyancer FORK TRUCK
Complete with model loads, pallets and crane attachment
Scale 1:14 "
Powered by the famous Mighty Midget electric motor

Owen forklifts

Rubery Owen had a business making the hydraulic retractable undercarriages for large aircraft. Aircraft production dropped off after the end of World War Two (now that planes were no longer being shot out of the sky on a regular basis), and the company started making and promoting heavy-duty forklift trucks in 1946 with the "Conveyancer" branding, as an alternative type of product that could leverage their existing experience and manufacturing capacity for hydraulics. The new forklift truck business ended up accounting for two-thirds of the company's turnover.

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