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2018 was the first year that we participated in the Brighton Science Festival – in previous years this normally had a scheduling conflict with Brighton Modelworld.

2018 is also the first year that we've had a full set of events as a venue for the Brighton Fringe.

February 2018: Brighton Science Festival

Balloon Car Racers

Monday 12 February

Thaumatropes, Phenakistoscopes and Zoetropes

Friday 16 February

March 2018

Behind the Scenes: Brighton Toy and Model Museum

Wednesday 21st March 2018 – Tickets only available to Brighton & Hove Chamber of Commerce members

Community Rail Partnership signing event

Wednesday 21st March 2018 – The museum becomes Brighton Station's first Community Rail Partner, with local tv and radio coverage.

April 2018

Night Time in the Toy Museum with Professor Elemental

19th April 2018 – Strange stories, haunted playthings, peculiar songs & terrifying horses await. The toys can't wait to play with you, but will you and the Professor manage to escape?

May-June 2018: Brighton Fringe

"The Conjuring Club" (Hubble Bubble Productions)

5th May - 2nd June 2018

Jane Hissey's Teddy Bear's Picnic

6th May 2018

"Third Wheel" (Kathryn Mather)

10th-13th May 2018

"We Are All Stories" (About Face Theatre Company)

11th-13th May 2018

"Nevermind" (Ben Mccarthy)

15th-19th May 2018

"From Bears to Books and Beyond" (Jane Hissey)

20th May 2018

"It's All My Mother's Fault!" (Romina Puma)

20th-27th May 2018

"Adriano Fettucini's Random Acts"

24th-25th May 2018

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