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Brighton Station

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Brighton Station Community Rail Partnership

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Brighton Station signed a Community Rail Partnership agreement with Brighton Toy and Model Museum on Wednesday 21st March 2018.

Launch event

The agreement document was signed in the Museum's foyer by museum Founder and Director Chris Littledale, and GTR Station Manager Brighton GTR (Govia Thameslink Railway) Anthony Dowsett.

The signing was recorded by attended by Latest TV, who broadcast a story on the event, presented by William Ranieri, with Chris Littledale, Anthony Dowsett and Catherine Simmons of the Sussex Community Rail Partnership.

Community Rail Partnerships signing event

Community Rail Partnerships

The Community Rail Partnership scheme is designed to strengthen ties between railway stations in the UK and their local communities. The exact nature of an individual CRP depends on the particular circumstances, but some CRPs involve (for example) using adjacent station space for events, or allowing volunteers to maintain station flowerbeds.

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