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For all immediately upcoming events (some of which won't be listed here yet), see the museum's website homepage at .

Toy Museum Folk Club: Spring 2019 schedule


  • 12th January – Martin Carthy, support from Hickory Signals


  • 22nd February – John Kirkpatrick, support from Kirsty Merryn


  • 8th March – Kitty Macfarlane, support from Robin Elliott
  • 30th March – Iona Fyfe, support from Thom Ashworth


  • 13th April – Ayanna Witter-Johnson, support from Kate Stapley


  • 10th May – Jim Causley, support from Germa Adan
  • 24th May – Luke Jackson, support from Jack Harris


  • 21st June – Ben Walker & Rob Harbron, support from Laura Hockenhull and Chloe Everton

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Ticketing links are on the Toy Museum Folk Club's website, at

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