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Viking Raid, flat lead figures (possibly Heinrichsen)

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Arch Four , Area 36
Lead figures (display)

A large set of painted German "Nuremberg scale" (~3cm) flat lead figures ("zinnfiguren") depicting a Viking raid on a Saxon village with fleeing villagers, probably late C19th or early C20th, possibly by Heinrichsen.


The tentative identification of these figures as being by Heinrichsen of Nuremburg is based on their having belonged to the same owner as the "Battle of Murat" set, which was definitely produced by Heinrichsen (we have the box). Heinrichsen specialised in large "flat lead" battle scenes such as this ... however, military sets were also a popular subject material for other makers, so the identification is currently provisional – it seems quite likely, but we don't currently have other supporting evidence.


The figures are distributed across a couple of well-lit glass shelves in Arch Four. One shelf shows the attacking Vikings, the other shows the burning church, with the villagers fleeing on foot and on horses, taking their animals and carrying as many of their possessions as they can.

Contents (from inventory listing)

cast metal representation of Viking raid on Saxon village with fleeing villagers. Comprising of 117 items.

  • 1 × sacked Saxon church with destroyed brown roof
  • 1 × destroyed stone pillar stump
  • 1 × bird (raven)
  • 1 × grey pillar
  • 1 × fleeing Saxon family on ox- pulled cart
  • 1 × Saxon mother and child on horse-pulled cart
  • 2 × fleeing Saxons on foot, holding sticks and with dogs
  • 2 × Saxon women in blue and red
  • 2 × representations of 2 fleeing Saxon children
  • 1 × Saxon woman carrying baby
  • 2 × bare-chested Saxon men carrying baskets
  • 1 × hunched Saxon woman with baby on back
  • 2 × Saxon men with sacks
  • 2 × Saxon men carrying barrels
  • 1 × Saxon man carrying a dead bird on a pole
  • 1 × Saxon child with a dog on a lead
  • 2 × Saxon women in blue, carrying barrels
  • 2 × Saxon men in yellow, carrying bundles of sticks
  • 1 × Saxon man in yellow, carrying a large water pitcher
  • 1 × Saxon child holding a dog's back
  • 1 × Saxon child with black dog on lead
  • 1 × Saxon child in yellow skirt/tunic
  • 2 × Saxon men carrying sacks
  • 2 × Saxon women in blue with water pitchers
  • 1 × Saxon youth in red
  • 2 × Saxon youths in blue
  • 20 × Vikings with spears and long shields
  • 21 × Vikings with horned helmets and spears
  • 2 × Saxons in blue tunics with spears and shields, looking into the distance
  • 2 × running Saxons in black tunics and red shields, wielding clubs
  • 1 × male standard bearer, with yellow standard depicting an ox head
  • 1 × figure in blue tunic with sword and horn
  • 1 × figure in yellow tunic, with sword
  • 2 × Vikings on black horses with axes
  • 5 × Vikings on brown horses with axes
  • 2 × Vikings in yellow, swords in hand, with horned helmets
  • 1 × Viking in white, sword in hand, with horned helmet
  • 3 × striding men in black tunics, with long spears over shoulders
  • 2 × helmeted Vikings with arms aloft, carrying long yellow shields
  • 2 × men in yellow with swords
  • 2 × helmeted Vikings in blue and white, with long swords and long shields
  • 2 × men in red tunics, wielding axes above heads
  • 3 × bare-chested men in grey trousers, drinking from vessels
  • 1 × helmeted rider in yellow, wearing red boots, on galloping brown horse
  • 1 × rider in blue and red, holding sword with shield aloft, on prancing brown horse
  • 3 × helmeted Vikings on grey horses with black saddles
  • 1 × helmeted Viking rider, in blue with grey shield on brown horse with grey saddle
  • 1 × helmeted Viking rider, carrying a long spear, riding dark brown/blackish horse with brown saddle
  • 1 × helmeted Viking rider, carrying a long spear, riding light brown horse with green saddle.

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