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1931 saw the introduction of the Meccano Aeroplane constructor outfits, a concept made a lot easier by the fact that contemporary aeroplane design used essentially the same proportions and shapes regardless of whether the aircraft was a single-seater or an airliner (there was, or course, a major visual difference between monoplanes and biplanes, but the sets could create both).

1932 saw the addition of the Meccano Motor Car Constructor sets. In a less widely-promoted move, Meccano Ltd responded to the success of cheaper metal construction sets from competitor Trix by producing their own near-clones of Trix (the "X-series"), which were sold through budget stores rather than through Meccano dealers.

In 1934, Meccano Ltd. seemed to decide that the previous Meccano in red and green (fairly common "utility" colours) was insufficiently luxurious-looking, and decided to "upgrade" all the sets to a new colour scheme, blue and gold, with the strips being painted gold, and the plates being blue with gold cross-hatching.

Meccano Mechanised Army sets (in drab green) appeared in 1939 during the buildup to the outbreak of World War Two.


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