Meccano Aeroplane Constructor Outfit (No2 Special)

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Meccano Aeroplane Constructor Outfit (No2 Special)

Meccano No2 Special Aeroplane Outfit (1939 catalogue).jpg No.2 Special Aeroplane Outfit, from a 1939 catalogue (i)
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Arch Two , Area 4
Meccano Construction Sets (display)

A boxed Meccano No.2 Special Aeroplane Outfit.

This was the largest "Aeroplane Constructor" set that Meccano produced, and included enough pieces to build large monoplane or biplane models with up to three engines.

The set's pieces are red and cream, the propellers are blue with white tips, and the wing struts are blue. The wings and fins are cream with red tips, and have the RAF red white and blue "Bullseye" symbol.


The box is displayed open, with all the original contents in place and on view, still attached to the original board.

The box lid is tucked away behind the box, so the lid artwork isn't visible.