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VIP Raceways

1955 -     
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VIP Raceways was the slotcar brand name used by Victory Industries Ltd (latterly Victory Industries (Raceways) Ltd.). The brand was arguably the #2 slotcar racing brand in the UK, after Scalextric.

1966: Lotus Indianapolis racecar

1966 review text:

VIP Victory Industries (Raceways) Ltd.

Today's Victory Industries (Raceways) Ltd., acquired the assets of the former Victory Industries Company who were one of the originators and pioneers of slot car racing back in 1955/56. This company, therefore, has a fine background of experience which is reflected in their excellent products.

VIP specializes in 1/32 scale, and offers four complete boxed Raceway Sets which include their new VIPTRACK racing sections incorporating ingenious flexible joints which slide easily into one another locking the track sections positively together. Also notable are the filled tubular VIPTRACK conductor rails which allow forming and careful bending to obtain a smooth approach to a hill.

A range of eight cars, including six racing cars and two sports is at present available, all precision engineered. Two of the latest additions are the Honda and Lotus-Indianapolis cars.

VIP's "Club Special Cars" are already well-known and have gained a reputation for reliability and high performance. This 'specialist' range has been designed and developed to meet the exacting requirements of enthusiasts for club use, and for the larger home circuits.

All VIP models are now fitted with the VIPLINK independent front suspension which features steering and fully working 'wish bones' as on a full-size racing car.

Springing can be added by attaching a small elastic band to the lugs provided.

A full range of car spares and components is available and all VIP bodies, with the exception of the Lotus are interchangeable. There is also a special platform obtainable which can be mounted inside most other manufacturers' body shells, or scratch built models to enable them to be fitted to the VIP chassis.

The "Viper Club" is open to every VIP owner. Membership entitles him to wear an attractive enamelled lapel badge and also receive copies of the "Viper Gazette" which keeps members up-to-date with developments, and according to reports, there are scheduled to be some exciting new ones lined up for introduction in due course.

— , -, , Meccano Magazine, , October 1966

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