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Cox Slot Racers

1964 -     
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The Cox Slot Racers range was launched in the 1960s in an attempt to capitalise on the slotcar boom, and supported both 1:32 ("Scalextric") and the larger 1:24 "competition" scales. Models were available in kit form, and/or "RTR" (readybuilt, "Ready To Run", or "Ready To Race").


Cox sold their slotcars and slotcar kits on the promise of superior engineering, from a company already known and respected for their high-performance tethered cars, model aircraft, and glo-plug engines.

However, there were just too many companies (and too many standards) chasing too few customers, and "when the bubble burst" towards the end of the 1960s, Cox found that the adventure had left them with a serious loss and lot of unsold inventory.

1:24 and 1:32 scale

Although Cox advertised slotcars for both 1:32 and 1:24 scales, advertising tended to emphasise the larger 1:24 slotcar scale, as this was the scale most used for competition racing and for commercial "pay-to-play" slotcar venues. in the displayed 1966 Meccano Magazine ad, all six models are available for 1:24 scale, but only two are available for 1:32.

This was the market the Cox understood, and where they had the more significant commercial advantage ... having started out with competitive tether car racing, and then moved on to tethered model aircraft flying (another "club"-style activity), it was natural to focus on slotcar clubs and competitions using 1:24, where Cox's experience in producing well engineered products with great power-to weight ratios made their cars rather desirable.

The market for 1:32-scale slotcars was more focused on home and family use, where users were treating their slotcar track more as a fun game for friends and family, and there was less reason for someone to spend extra money to try to get a really high-performance car.

This focus on the larger scale may have also contributed to Cox being so hard-hit when the slotcar bubble "burst" ... when the "competitive" side of the market crashed, this would have hit the 1:24 market hard, while there would still have been a market for "upgrades" to cheaper "home" 1:32-scale Scalextric-type sets.

1965 advertising text:

Typical Quality Parts

  1. Flexible front end suspension for better cornering.
  2. Tapered axle – matched to wheel hubs – for perfect wheel alignment. Fits ALL cars.
  3. Hi-efficiency COX gear. Metal core, teeth of extremely tough, low friction, exotic space age material.
  4. Chassis of diecast magnesium – half the weight of the usual aluminium.
  5. Finely detailed wheels of diecast magnesium.
  6. Accurately scaled racing tires with lots of dig.
Superflex lead wires (not shown) supplied with both X100 and X200 COX Motors.

— , Cox, , Boys' Life, , November 1965

1966 car listing, "Meccano Magazine" advert

– Italy's famous racing car. Monocoque construction combines the body, frame and motor in a single unit.
  • 94001/24 Kit
  • 94201/24 RTR
– Authentic, lightweight, monocoque design. Accurate scale BRM wheels, Dunlop front and rear racing tyres, complete factory markings etc.
  • 92001/24 Kit
  • 92201/24 RTR
– This beautifully detailed model is another "first" in the Cox range of slotracers, a unique design fitted with the powerful COX X-250 motor.
  • 140001/24 Kit
  • 140201/24 RTR
– The perfect combination – COX speed and precision. Extra wide tread and low centre of gravity ensure maximum stability. The ideal car for the less experienced race fans.
  • 160001/24 Kit
  • 150001/32 Kit
– Accurate scale design with full injection-moulded body and cockpit detail, diecast magnesium wheels, free rotating front axle and wheel assembly, special soft rubber rear tyres etc.
  • 130001/24 Kit
Ford GT
– This model has 'everything' plus the quality and speed of the full size car. Stainless steel tapered rear axles, diecast magnesium wheels with tapered hubs. Lightweight chassis with built-in motor axle alignment, etc.
  • 98001/24 Kit
  • 99001/32 Kit
  • 99201/32 RTR





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