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Hornby Dublo Look out for developments (1938 Dublo brochure).jpg

The original range of Hornby Dublo trains, rolling stock and accessories, as they were when the brand was launched in 1938.

"Look out for developments!" (1938)

" The Hornby-Dublo system is to be developed and extended in every direction. There will be new Locomotives and Coaches, and new Vans and Wagons of almost every type. Points and Signals will be Electrically Operated; and best of all there will be track of 17 1/4" radius, to form, in conjunction with the present track, a perfect double track on which, by means of the Dublo Transformer No. 2, two trains can be run at the same time, and started, stopped, reversed and controlled for speed entirely independently of one another!
Watch our announcements! "

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