Goods Train Set, SR (Hornby Dublo EDG7)

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Goods Train Set, SR (Hornby Dublo EDG7)

Tank Loco Set, Hornby Dublo EDG7 - DG7 (1939 HBot).jpg (i)
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Arch Four , Area 37
Hornby Wall (display)
Shelf 9

A pristine boxed electric three-rail 0-6-2 Hornby Dublo EDG7 Tank Goods Train Set (SR). The set was launched in 1938, and this "Southern Railway" example was produced in '38 or shortly after.

It's in a squarish box with an image of a red locomotive on its box lid sticker.

Catalogue graphics

1938 Dublo catalogue information
DG7 and EDG7 train sets, 1938