Goods Train Set, GWR, Tank Loco 6699 (Hornby Dublo EDG7)

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Goods Train Set, GWR, Tank Loco 6699 (Hornby Dublo EDG7)

Tank Loco Set, Hornby Dublo EDG7 - DG7 (1939 HBot).jpg (i)
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Arch Four , Area 37
Hornby Wall (display)
Shelf 10

A pristine boxed 0-6-2 Hornby Dublo EDG7 Tank Goods Train Set (GWR), electric. This is not only the set that was launched in 1938 as one of the two initial sets for Dublo, this is also the very same version of the set (Great Western Railway markings, and a green loco, number 6699) that featured on the 1938 Dublo launch artwork.

The box is blue with a yellow interior, and the controller still has its factory "tested by" label tied on with string.

Box contents

The set consists of:

  • A drab green EDL7 auto-reversing 0-6-2 tank loco (GWR markings, 6699)
  • Open Goods Wagon D1 (GW 12T 109458 6-8)
  • Goods Van D1 (GW 12T 112699 "Return to GWR / Not Common User" 7-11)
  • Goods Brake Van D1 ("Park Royal" G.W 68796 20T)
  • DA Curved Rail ×8
  • DB Straight Rail ×2
  • Dublo Controller No.1 (blue, with silver "forward/backward/Full speed/stop" control handle and red reset button)

Catalogue images

1938 - Dublo catalogue information
1939 - Tank Loco GWR 6699, EDG7

Dublo box graphics

1938: Box label from an early "streamliner" Dublo set, showing the GWR 6699 version of EDG7