Locomotives, by W.J. Bassett-Lowke and Paul B.Mann (Puffin Picture Books)

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A softback landscape-format book, "Locomotives", written by W. J. Bassett-Lowke, and illustrated by Paul B. Mann (32 pages, including covers).

The book was published as part of the Puffin Picture Books series, originally in 1947. This copy is a 1951 reprint.

Since the emphasis was on imagery, the book doesn't "waste" the back cover with additional text, and the back cover is instead designed as an alternative front cover (although the physical construction of the book prevents the reader from swapping them around). The internal illustrations are a mixture of colour (watercolour?) and black-and-white art.

The front cover depicts a green Southern 21C1 air-smoothed Bulleid "Merchant Navy"-Class 4-6-2 locomotive, the rear cover shows a slightly abstract poster-style image of a red Coronation Scot train, running from top right to bottom left.


  1. Cover, 21C1 streamlined locomotive
  2. Trevithick's first locomotive, 1803, Hedley's "Puffing Billy" 1813
  3. Stephenson's "Rocket", Stephenson's "Locomotion No.1"
  4. Great Western "Lord of the Isles"
  5. Stirling 8-foot "Single"
  6. Webb's LNWR "Precedent" 2-4-0 type ("Charles Dickens" 955)
  7. Stroudley's "Gladstone" 0-4-2
  8. cutaway two-page diagram:
  9. ... 4-6-0 Two cylinder mixed traffic locomotive - British Railways (LMS)
  10. "Flying Scotsman" Pacific, British Railways (LNER)
  11. Pacific express locomotive, British Railways (LMS)
  12. "King"Class 4-6-0, British Railways (GWR)
  13. "Green Arrow" Class 2-6-2, British Railways (LNER)
  14. "Lord Nelson" Class 4-6-0, British Railways (Southern)
  15. Canadian Pacific 2-10-4 locomotive
  16. New York Central 4-6-4 locomotive
  17. "Daylight" Class4-8-4, Southern Pacific Lines
  18. Canadian Pacific 4-6-4 express locomotive
  19. Canadian National 4-8-4 express locomotive
  20. Modern Pennsylvania motive power ( 4-(4-4)-4, 4-(6-6)-4 )
  21. German 4-6-4 steam ("05 001"), and Swiss B-B type electric locomotives
  22. Rhodesia Railways 4-6-4 4-6-4 Garratt locomotive
  23. South African Railways 4-8-2 locomotive
  24. cutaway two-page diagram:
  25. ... Swiss I-C-C-I type electric goods locomotive
  26. Tank locomotives
  27. Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Railway 15-inch gauge Pacific (quarter-scale)
  28. British Railways "Princess Elizabeth" pacific (LMS)
  29. South Australian Railways 4-8-4 locomotive
  30. Compound Pacific locomotive, French National Railways
  31. Publisher page
  32. Cover, Coronation Scot (red)

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