Coronation Scot 1940

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After 1939, the two remaining red-and-gold Coronation Scot carriage sets (sometimes referred to as "the 1940 train") were never completed.

These were originally going to be run as eleven-car sets in peak hours, and as ten-car sets at other times, by leaving out the single Third-Class corridor coach.

Eight of the cars were "twinned" as four pairs sharing a common bogey, leaving three (or two) single cars.

Enough coaches were eventually built to assemble almost one-and-a-half trains, but the lack of a kitchen car meant that one couldn't quite assemble a full train out of the pieces.

As with the other Coronation Scot carriages, the coaches that were completed from these planned two "1940 sets" (the last of which were only finished off in 1947/48) were repurposed, but unlike their siblings, they never got the chance to run as part of the Coronation Scot train.


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