List of Coronation Scot models

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Models, kits and modelling resources for the LMS Coronation Scot train and the streamlined Coronation Class locomotives.

This is not a definitive listing.

Models and kits, listed by company

ACE Trains


  • Better-known for producing balsa-wood kits for aircraft and boats, Astral are also supposed to have produced a streamlined Coronation loco kit.


  • Produced a classic Gauge 0 tinplate model of Coronation 6220, in 1937.
  • Also sold an eight-car set of carriages, made for B-L by Exley.
  • Credited with designing the smaller 00-gauge "US Tour" red train set, for Trix.


  • A wooden children's push-along Brio-compatible toy of 6229 "Duchess of Hamilton", model BJT 441. Different photos online seem to show the model either in a tasteful dark red, or a less subtle bright "Post Office red".

David Andrews

Del Prado

  • A red and gold streamlined static model (no motor, fixed wheels) 1/160-scale N-gauge 6229 Duchess of Hamilton.

DJH Model Loco Company


  • Gauge 0 carriages - see: Bassett-Lowke.

Fox Transfers

  • Fox produce a range of Coronation Scot stripes and lettering for those wanting to build their own locos and carriages, or to convert existing rolling stock. Available for most common scales, large and small. Not cheap, but much easier than trying to paint tiny crests on carriages yourself.


  • Marx Set 245 (circa 1940?) was a tin plate train set with two concentric oval tracks and two rather stylised toy trains, consisting of two very crude bullet-shaped 0-4-0 locos and four rather quaint blue carriages.


  • Blue train, 1937: Hornby produced various versions of the Coronation-Class-streamliners over the years, and various versions of the carriages. They also currently sell a boxed Coronation Scot set R3092, with three coaches. The number of coach designs is limited (e.g., no Kitchen Car).
  • Red train, 1839: Hornby also produced a dedicated red "1939 US Tour" Coronation Scot set, R2199M. The photos that we've seen don't seem to show the 1939 train's "valances" or "skirts" under the coaches.
  • Hornby have also produced a good range of other Coronation-Class streamliner loco models, including some finished in wartime black.

Langney Models

  • Langney Models sell an unpainted N-gauge 1/148 -scale bodyshell kit (ref B14), that's designed to fit over the stripped chassis of a Minitrix Brittannia N-gauge loco.

Masterpiece Models

  • Masterpiece Models recently produced a very limited (and suitably expensive) set of large engineered models.


  • Miniature cut-out-and-make card model of a blue Coronation-Class loco, as part of Set MII (M2)
  • Miniature matching blue Coronation Scot coach, as part of Set X (passenger coaches)

Odham's Press Ltd


  • Trix came to the Coronation Scot a little late, and went straight for a presentation-boxed red "US tour" Coronation Scot in 1939, with headlight, as part of their "Trix Twin Railway" range. They also sold the coaches separately.
  • Due to the unfortunate timing, Trix never went back and produced a "normal" Coronation-class streamliner in either red or blue, or produced blue versions of their coaches (although we'll be showing a modified Trix loco that shows what their locomotive model would have looked like).

TTI (Stoke on Trent)

  • A four-wheeled cast metal shell floor toy of a red "Coronation Class" loco and tender (one piece), date unknown.

Worsley Works

  • Worsley Works produce a range of etched "brass sheet" kits that can be used to construct partial carriages (which normally then need to be painted and fitted with a roof and bogeys).

They do a complete set of kits for all nine Coronation Scot coaches, and thanks to modern CAD software, can produce the designs in brass in just about any size down to N gauge. The designs include physical surface detailing, but not paintwork details (such as stripes or lettering).

Jigsaw puzzles

  • William Ellis and Co. Ltd. ("Welcom") produced a series of eight "Wonders of the World" Jigsaws, the full range being * "Coronation Scot" / * Imperial Airways "Caledonia" / * Sir Malcolm Campbell's "Bluebird" / * Great Wall of China / * Grand Canyon of the Colorado / * Thunderbolt / * Television Scene / * Lama's Palace, Tibet (


At the time of writing we're still tracking down further versions to be added to the list.