Coronation Scot (Train Running Day)

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= Coronation Scot at Brighton Toy and Model Museum =
This exhibit was on display between November 2012 and early 2013
Event poster, adapted from original period LMS publicity poster art by Bryan de Grineau

Commemorating the Coronation Scot's 75th birthday, this Train Running Day event will launch the Museum's temporary Coronation Scot exhibit (replacing the current RMS Titanic display), and will feature the unveiling of a rare 1930s the full nine-carriage "Coronation Scot" train, in gauge 0, built by Exley for Bassett-Lowke.

The Bassett-Lowke nine-car set

The B-L nine-carriage set is practically mythological, since Bassett-Lowke only officially built an eight-car set, leaving out the real train's longer first class diner carriage.

Our one, however, has the full nine, and would presumably have been built as a special order.

Other features

On 10th November 2012 we ran the big blue streamliner on the central 1930s layout, accompanied by our matching red Coronation-Class Bassett-Lowke Duchess of Hamilton loco. Some modern Ace Trains gauge 0 models of the Coronation locos were also guesting for the day (in blue, red and wartime black), and a couple of those also found their way onto the track.

Meanwhile, over on the 00-gauge layout, we were running a smaller-scale Coronation Scot, the latest high-detail model kindly supplied by Hornby, with a rake of coaches, which could be compared (by those with keen eyesight) to the older 00-gauge versions in the dedicated Coronation Scot cabinet.

The Museum's Train Running Days are fun events for anyone who likes trains, but this particular one, if you are a Bassett-Lowke or Coronation-Class enthusiast, was utterly unmissable. For anyone whose interest was more casual, it was a great time to come along.