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Train Running Days (and Train Running Evenings) are special public events held twice a year by the Museum that allow visitors to see the locomotives on the central 1930's gauge 0 layout running in all their glory. The events are usually themed.

About the event

Many of the gauge 0 locomotives on the central layout and their mechanisms are extremely rare (or irreplaceable), and these models are typically only "exercised" twice a year, as a maintenance check. The Museum does this by hosting special public events that let visitors see some of these rare items in action, while allowing the curators to take the opportunity to check the status of the locomotives and track. Each event usually has a specific theme.


2016: The Grand Tour (Train Running Day)

  • Saturday 16th January

We'll be running gauge 0 European trains, with locomotives expected to include a Fournereau Nord "Pacific", Swiss electric Gotthard-style, Belgian 2-8-0, an Italian Ansaldo electric, and a Reichsbahn "Pacific". There will also be a range of other Continental (and UK) pieces running on the layout that we'll know more about nearer the time.

2015: Flying Scotsman (Train Running Day)

  • Saturday 17th October 2015, approx 11am-4pm, with breaks

2015: Spring Train Running Day

  • Saturday 25th April

2014: "French Connections" Train Running Day

  • Saturday 1st November: – A special French-themed running day

2014: "GWR - God's Wonderful Railway" Train Running Day

  • Saturday 29th March - A special celebration of the life and works of the Great Western Railway, in gauge 0

2013: "Rheingold" Train Running Day

  • Saturday 9th November - "Across England, along the Rhine, and over the Alps". The "Rheingold" luxury train service, named after the Wagner opera, ran from the hook of Holland to Geneva, Switzerland, with a section running along the river Rhine. British travellers could catch a special train to connect to the Rheingold service, making use of the Harwich to Hoek van Holland ferry service.

2013: Frank Hornby Train Running Day

  • Saturday 11th May 2013 - a special Hornby-themed train running day, to mark the 150th anniversary of the birth of Frank Hornby, and to kick off the Frank Hornby Week celebrations

2012: Coronation Scot Train Running Day

2012: Legendary Trains of the 1930s

  • Saturday 24th March 2012 - morning and afternoon shows, with layouts running approximately ~10:30am-1pm, and ~2pm-4:30pm

2011: "Edinburgh to Venice (and Connecting Services)"

  • Saturday 23rd April 2011 - morning and afternoon shows, with layouts running 11am-1pm, and 2pm-4pm

2010: Train Running Evening

  • Friday 14th May 2010 - after hours, as part of the "Museums at Night" scheme

2009 "Race to the North"

  • Saturday 14th November 2009

2008 "Super Power and Streamliners"

  • Saturday 15th November 2008

2007 "The French Connection"

  • Saturday 1st December 2007

2006 "Time to Change"

  • Saturday 25th November 2006

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