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Charles William Grineau (1883–1957) ( who signed his work as Bryan de Grineau, or John Bryan) was an artist known for his paintings of fast cars and steam locomotives, notably the paintings used on the covers of several issues of the Hornby Book of Trains.


His father was the better-known artist Alfred Bryan (1852–1899). Since his father's birthname had been Charles Grineau, and his parents had also (slightly thoughtlessly) called him Charles Grineau, too, the younger Charles probably felt that using a different signing-name was a good idea (and since his father had also signed his work under a nom de plume, there was a family precedent).

This left the problem of what name to use. The name John Bryan had continuity with his father's art signature of Alfred Bryan, and Bryan de Grineau combined both his father's birth surname and his "signing" surname.

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