Volks Electric Railway, Car 6 (John Baker)

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Volks Electric Railway, Car 6 (John Baker)

Volks Electric Railway car model detail.jpg model detail (i)
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Arch One , Area 82
Brighton Seafront (display)

Glamour of Brighton

The large yellow model of a Volks Electric Railway carriage car No. 6 on display in the Museum lobby was acquired by Siemens on behalf of the Volks Electric Railway Association (VERA), to commemorate the link between the railway and Siemens, who supplied Magnus Volk with the dynamo that was used to power the railway.

Dimensions 40" × 11" × 13 1/2"


The model is believed to have been originally built by John Baker, an ex-WW2 Spitfire pilot who was also a volunteer at the Toy Museum from 1991 to around ~1997, and lived in Burgess Hill, West Sussex.

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