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Pages, toys and models relating to the year 1923 .

1923 saw the launch of Britains Ltd's first toy "garden" system, the lead Britains Model Home Farm Series‎.

It also saw "The Grouping" of Britain's railways (other than those making up the combined London Underground system) into the Big Four, making most of the country's railways outside London part of either the Great Western Railway ("GWR"), London and North Eastern Railway (LNER), London, Midland and Scottish Railway ("LMS") or Southern Railway ("SR").

Wider context

In 1923 German hyper-inflation continues to be completely out of control.

  • January – first flight of the Cierva C.4 autogiro, the first helicopter-style aircraft.
  • April – Opening of Wembley Stadium to host the FA Cup Final match (as the Empire Stadium), ahead of the 1924 Empire Exhibition.
  • June – Eruption of Mount Etna
  • July – Inauguration of the HOLLYWOOD sign in California (as HOLLYWOODLAND)
  • September – Inaugural flight of the US Navy's Zeppelin-style (but helium-filled) rigid airship, USS Shenandoah (ZR-1)
  • September – creation of Interpol
  • OctoberThe Walt Disney Company founded, as Disney Brothers Studio
  • NovemberAdolph Hitler leads the Nazis in the attempted Beer Hall Putch in Munich, and is arrested.
  • November – One US Dollar is worth 4.2 Million, Million papiermark. Currency replaced by the Rentenmark (10^12 larger), so that one dollar equals 4.2 Rentenmark.
  • DecemberVladimir K. Zworykin files his first US television patent


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