Coronation Scot train (Hornby R3092)

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Past Exhibit

Coronation Scot train (Hornby R3092)

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Arch Two , Area 25
The Legend of Hornby
= Coronation Scot at Brighton Toy and Model Museum =
This exhibit was on display between November 2012 and early 2013

A modern high-detail electric 00-gauge Hornby R3092 Coronation Scot Limited-Edition pack.

This is Hornby's most recent version of the Coronation Scot, and shows off the increase in fine detail allowed by modern manufacturing techniques. R3092 is a limited edition of 2000 units, and this one was generously donated to the Museum by Hornby in 2012 for our Coronation Scot exhibition.


The train is usually running on our 00-gauge layout, with enough extra coaches (also generously donated by Hornby) to make up a nine-car train.


The level of detail in this model becomes apparent when you look at the tiny oval white-painted plate just above the middle drive wheel. The carriages have a similar increase in detail over earlier models which can be seen when you look at the door handles and hinges, and they have the correct "blue" window frames.