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Tri-ang's association with model buildings goes back to their dollhouse range and the earlier dollhouse range of G and J Lines. This was then supplemented with a small range of toy forts. With the popularity of the Tri-ang Railways range, the company started producing plastic "scenery" building kits in the 1960s in addition to the normal railway stations and railway buildings, initially as Tri-ang Real Estate, and then as Tri-ang Model-Land.

In parallel with the Model-Land kits, a range of pre-built model buildings (often with lights or other special features) appeared in the Minic Motorways range.

These two ranges followed up and eventually supplanted a range of rubber buildings produced after Lines Brothers took over the Young and Fogg Rubber Company: an initial range of gauge 0 rustic buildings, and then a similar range of half-size buildings meant for 00-gauge layouts.


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