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1963 -     

Tri-ang Model-Land was the brand-name that Lines Brothers used for their revamped and extended range of 00-gauge compatible non-railway buildings, previously sold under the Tri-ang Real Estate name.

Plans for the projected Model-Land range quickly became wildly ambitious, including electric lighting, sounds (for the church), and even a passenger airliner.

In parallel with this planned range, the Minic Motorways range went though a similar projected expansion, with planned accessories that weren't obviously much to do with roads, including motorised fairground attractions.

The "Never-Was"-sers

The 1964 catalogue includes an ambitious range of extravagant Model-Land and Minic Motorways buildings and accessories that were slated to appear in Summer or Autumn 1964, including, wierdly, a DeHavilland battery-operated Trident passenger aircraft ... but which never appeared.

Around this time, Lines Brothers were negotiating to take over the failed Meccano Ltd., and with so many outside products to integrate into their ranges, some of the 1964 extensions to Model-Land and Minic Motorways seem to have been put on hold for future release ... which in some cases may never have happened.

1964 advertising text:

Three for the space of one! Tri-ang Railways, Minic Motorways and the Model-Land construction kits of beautifully coloured buildings. Simplicity of construction puts the most exciting layout within the capacity of every beginner and the Model-Land landscape materials provide endless opportunity for the imagination.

Lights appear in cottages and evening chimes from the tower of the church caress the surrounding countryside to complete a truly rural scene.

— , Lines Brothers, , Tri-ang Railways catalogue, , 1964

Listing (May 1964):

  • RML.1 – Village Inn
  • RML.2 – The Grange
  • RML.3 – Wood Shed
  • RML.4 – Marigold Cottage
  • RML.5 – Dove Cottage
  • RML.6 – Hardware Shop
  • RML.7 – Garage
  • RML.8 – Accessories Pack
  • RML.9 – Oak Tree Cottage
  • RML.10 – Hollywood Bungalow
  • RML.11 – San Fernando Bungalow
  • RML.12 – Bermuda Bungalow
  • RML.13 – Kent Bungalow
  • RML.14 – Post Office
  • RML.15 – Tea Shoppe
  • RML.16 – Villa Capri
  • RML.17 – Village Church—with Chimes
  • RML.18 – Heathview – Detached Two-Storey House
  • RML.19 – Parkview – Detached Two-Storey House
  • RML.20 – Wishing Well
  • RML.21 – Semi-Built Bermuda Bungalow
  • RML.22 – Lighting Unit
  • RML.23 – Koepe Pit Head Gear
  • RML.25 – Winding House
  • RML.26 – Winding Engine
  • RML.27 – Boiler House and Stack
  • RML.35 – Gas Holder – Non-Mechanical
  • RML.44 – Small Shop and Older Style Office Block
  • RML.45 – Medium Shop and Older Style Office Block
  • RML.46 – Multiple Store and Modern Office Block
  • RML.52 – DeHavilland Trident
  • RML.55 – Police Station
  • RML.56 – Town Hall
  • RML.57 – Georgian House
  • RML.58 – Village Church – without Chimes
  • RML.59 – Factory
  • RML.60 – Supermarket
  • RML.61 – Set of 3 Pylons
  • RML.62 – Landscape Material – Spring green
  • RML.63 – Landscape Material – Autumn green
  • RML.64 – Landscape Material – Earth brown
  • RML.70 – Pedestrian Figures Set
  • RML.71 – Workmen Figures Set
  • RML.72 – Children Figures Set
  • RML.73 – Urban Figures Set
  • RML.74 – Industrial Workers Set
  • RML.75 – Road Workmen Set
  • RML.80 – British Taxi
  • RML.81 – BR Van
  • RML.82 – GPO Van
  • RML.100 – Polystyrene Cement



Other buildings






It's difficult to get an exact date for when the Model-Land kits disappeared from the Tri-ang range. The Model-Land section of the Tri-Ang Railways price list, which had taken up a quarter of the May 1964 pricelist, had disappeared completely from the January 1965 pricelist, and Model-Land didn't seem to appear in the 1965 Tri-ang Railways catalogue at all apart from on the back cover, which featured a layout composed of Tri-ang Railways, Minic Motorways, Arkitex and Model-Land items, and showing all four logos.

The Model-Land range might have been separated out into a separate pricelist. The December 1965 issue of Meccano Magazine has a review of two "new" additions to the Model-Land Range, the RML.44 Small Shop and Older Style Office Block, and the RML.45 Medium Shop and Older Style Office Block ... which were in the 1964 catalogue, supposedly scheduled for availability in the Summer 1964. So Model-Land was apparently still a current product line at the end of 1965.

... all Model-Land kits are made in high impact plastic, cleverly designed so that all parts locate easily and simply on to each other, with the minimum of unnecessary and annoying fiddling. The kits are assembled with a polystyrene cement (included), just like any other plastic kit, and much pleasure can be gained in their construction. The highly detailed parts are ready coloured, and it is therefore not essential to paint them, although if a large number of the same kit are to be used close together, slight differences in painting will give a more authentic effect, and the extra trouble is worth while. The kits lend themselves to this sort of treatment, and those enthusiasts interested in 'customising' to suit particular requirements will find the kits wonderful subjects for their art. ...

— , Mike Rickett, , 'MM' in Model-Land: These 'old style' buildings will be at home in any layout, , Meccano Magazine, , December 1965

The Model-Land ranger reappears in the main Tri-ang catalogues in ~1969, ~1970 and ~1971.

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