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Tri-ang Real Estate

1962 -     

The Tri-ang Real Estate plastic model building kits appeared in ~1962 and were designed to produce scenery for 00-gauge model railway layouts, such as Triang's own Tri-ang Railways.

Product niche

The distinguishing feature of the Real Estate kits (as opposed to something like the Airfix Trackside range) was that the Tri-ang products were designed to be easier to put together, and were also moulded in pre-coloured plastic (with roofs moulded in a different colour from the walls, and the doors, and the windowframes), so that you didn't have to paint them.

In practice, most people using the kits probably would have wanted to paint them, to produce a wider range of colour variations, and to eliminate the slightly plastic-cy "Lego-ish" look that could result resulted from having different colours of plastic butted up against each other.

~1963: Triang Model-Land

After about a year, Tri-ang decided that they liked the idea and wanted to expand it, but that the name wasn't sufficiently broad to include some of the additional accessories that they wanted to include (like people and road vehicles), and renamed the range Model-Land.

Box artwork:

some colours may be altered by fading

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