Dolcis large four-storey office building (Arkitex 1/42)

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Dolcis large four-storey office building (Arkitex 1/42)

Page 12, Shops or Showrooms (Arkitex Handbook and Catalogue, 00 scale).jpg (i)
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Arch Two , Area 26
Building Sets 1 (display)
Shelf 4
1961 - ~1965

A large 1:42-scale model of a four-storey 1960s-style modern store building, made with the Tri-ang Arkitex Set No.3.

The model is white with blue panels under the windows, and is scaled to work with Triang Spot-On vehicles and accessories.

A thematically similar (but smaller) large shop building, 00-scale version

" Spacious premises suitable as Motor Showrooms, for "Spot-On" cars and trade vehicles. Furniture Stores, Supermarkets, Exhibition Halls and countless other purposes. "


The building has also been fitted with a couple of the Arkitex Multi Purpose Stairway Kits, and the Arkitex Lighting Set Kit

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