Lighting Set (Arkitex KA-42-L)

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Lighting Set (Arkitex KA-42-L)

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Arch Two , Area 26
Building Sets 1 (display)
Shelf 4

A Tri-ang Arkitex 1:42-scale Lighting Set KA/42.L, fitted to a 1:42-scale Arkitex building

The Arkitex Lighting Set

The Arkitex Lighting Set (also available for 00-scale buildings as KA-00/L), included sufficient parts to light two rooms: comprising mainly of a pair of square ceiling panels with bulbs and domed lamp covers, a set of metal bus bars and a pair of terminating flying leads.

The system of getting electrical power to the lamps was unusual – long bus-bar plates would run the length of the building's plastic pillars, threaded onto the square posts holding the structure together, and embedded into the structure of the building as an "invisible" way of supplying power.

Leaf-spring contacts built into two of the panel's opposing corners then made contact with the bus-bars, supplying power to its central bulb.

In the museum

The lighting set fitted to the large Arkitex Dolcis building is barely visible, but if you squint (and are tall enough), you can just about see see the large domed lamp covers fitted to two of the ceiling panels.